Our Products

Funtear Structures is the only Dutch manufacturer of 'aircraft-style' caravans 9travel trailers), campervans and teardrop trailers. We build caravans for people who don't like caravans is our motto. Often compared to well-known brands such as Airstream, Silverstreak and Spartan. But made in The Netherlands. Funtear makes beautiful custom products for you. For just about every product group you can think of. From holiday home to touring caravan; from promotional vehicle to campervan.

Customization means that we first make a design together and then build it accordingly. No mass production or sale from stock. Of course we have a lot of examples in our Experience center. Customizing our beautiful products is very different from simply ordering a standard productuction line trailer. We won't beat around the bush. Sufficient budget is a requirement for customization. Every product is different and your requirements determine the final price. Roughly speaking, prices start at € 20,000 for our teardrops and fibers.

Funtear SnailR! - Snail Camper op basis van VW bus

Our latest and most exciting product sofar!. The SnailR! It is our interpretation of the phenomenon of snail campers. The origin of this exists since 1959 on the basis of the famous VW bus. On the Internet you will find countless variants and manufacturers with this theme. The founder of Funtear literally grew up with a snail camper -> hence
Funtear naturally takes its own Funtear Aircraft Style Structure and the VW bus as a starting point. But on top of that, we mainly convert this RV into an electric vehicle with a range of 300 km and fast charging facilities. Our prototype is now available for viewing.

The SnailR! is future-proof, with Mobility As A Service increasingly determining the market. Perfectly usable as a rental camper.


Funtear Retro Aluminium

We have been building the Funtear Retro Aluminum trailers since 2010. Both for businesses and private use for vacation or as a guest house. Prices starting from
€ 29,995 ex VAT. Everything about our Funtear is built in-house. From the chassis to the access door. The smallest we make measures 3.10m and the largest 11.50m. Width is 2.20m (or 2.45)

  • Funtear Reet Petite - 3.10m
  • Funtear QT - 4.50m
  • Funtear SA/TA - 5.90m
  • Funtear XLE - 6.80m
  • Funtear XL - 7.30m
  • Funtear XXL - 8.70m
  • Funtear XXXL = 10.10
  • Funtear Mansion - 11.50m

We can fit our your Funtear Retro Aluminium with an interior design of your choice but you can also retrofit one yourself!

Funtear Retro Fiber

We build a replica of our aluminum products especially for the business markets. The Funtear Fiber. It is a single-walled product and therefore not suitable for recreational usage, It is foremost made for promotional vehicles, food trucks and stage trailers. The Funtear Fiber can be spray painted or wrapped in any color. Width is 2.20m. The special thing is that the Funtear Fiber is built without a wheel arch, which creates a flat floor. The car is therefore slightly higher than the aluminum variant.


  • Funtear 30 - 2.95m
  • Funtear 40 - 4.20m
  • Funtear 50 - 5.45m
  • Funtear50T - 5.45m twin axle
  • Funtear 70T - 6.70m twin axle

Tiny House | Guesthouse | Mobile Home (for AirBNB, leisure parc or garden)

The beautiful shapes of a Funtear or an Airstream are the inspiration for many a dream house in the garden or as an AirBNB location. They often consider old vintage models that once served as touring caravans for that. No need for anymore!
Funtear makes 2 models that have the characteristics of these beautiful cars, but omit all kinds of tricky things. For example, a holiday home never has to be behind a car and weight is not an issue. If you make the unit a bit larger, you do not have to install an expensive custom interior.

  • Streamcamper - 7.30m or 8.70m - 2.45m wide
    based on tourer 
  • The Mansion - 8,70m or 11.50m - 3.65 wide
    based on Mobile Home chassis 

* Onze leisure producten hebben een bewezen levensduur vergelijkbaar met een gewoon huis. Afschrijven in 7 jaar is dus niet nodig!

Funtear Cedar Woody

The Funtear Cedar Woody is what happens when you make the typical shell of cedar wood shingles instead of aluminum plating.
The shape is the same; only we have placed a slope on the roof to prevent water from entering the roof. Furthermore, the unit is identical.

A Funtear Woody can be built faster in terms of production time than a riveted aluminum product. In terms of labor, it is between the Alu and Fiber.

Funtear Toilet Pod

Funtear builds so-called Tin Can Towns especially for leisure parks. A number of specially built Funtear trailers (Mansion & Streamcamper) that form a retro resort together. In some cases it is recommended to place additional toilet units as private sanitary facilities at each pitch. Some caravans are simply too small to provide the luxury experience that guests are looking for.

The Funtear Toilet Pod is our suitable solution for this. In fact, a Funtear Shell placed on its side that fits perfectly with all Funtears, but of course also with Airstreams and Silverstreaks.

Funtear Silver Bullet - teardrop trailers

The product from which our company name comes. The Funtear tearop trailer. Made from composite aluminum using the same method used to make all our other products based on a monocoque construction..

The Funtear Silver Bullet Teardrop is actually a bed on wheels with an outdoor kitchen in the back. We build it in 2 sizes where the Big Bullet just has standing height.

Because of its dimensions and weight, the teardrop is an ideal small caravan for behind an electric car!

Funtear High Five - 5th Wheel

In the USA, the 5th wheel trailer is a common sight.  A caravan in the form of a trailer coupled to the bed of a pick-up truck or via a cab/chassis tractor. The advantage of a 5th wheel is the distribution of the weight. You are rid of the 150 kg restriction