Tiny House | Guest House | Leisure

The beautiful shapes of a Funtear or an Airstream are the inspiration for many a dream house in the garden or as an AirBNB location. They often look at old vintage models that once served as touring caravans. No need for anything else!
Funtear makes 2 models that have the characteristics of these beautiful cars, but omit all kinds of tricky things. For example, a holiday home never has to be behind a car and weight is not an issue. If you make the unit a bit larger, you do not have to install an expensive custom interior. Things like sturdy, vandalism-proof and just as luxurious as at home are key concepts here.

The Mansion is our largest unit and truly a Tiny House. Ideal as a holiday home, AirBNB or guesthouse. It is a special Funtear aluminum 'aircraft style' shell placed on a large chassis from the chalet construction. The big advantage of a large unit is that normal furniture can be placed instead of customization, which is the case with small catavans. The Mansion comes in 8.70m or 11.50m length by 3.65m width. It is possible to install an extra trolley top roof for an improved light output. Large roof area makes it ideal for solar panels.!
Casco available from € 62,950 ex VAT (€ 76,170 incl. VAT).

Streamcamper is our solution for a small garden house or for campsites that want to create a Glamping look in the popular Airstream style. The Streamcamper is based on our Funtear Retro Alu touring caravans. There are wheels underneath to move the unit. However, no towbar and driving lights. The advantage of the Streamcamper is that you can place any interior in it without having to pay attention to the weight. So you can use sturdier material and normal sanitary facilities. In the end, this makes a significant difference in costs compared to a recreational caravan or Vintage Airstream.
Casco available from € 34,950 ex VAT (€ 41,925 incl. VAT)

Tin Can Town | Retro Resort

Mansions and Stream Campers are extremely suitable for building a Retro Resort. We call that a Tin Can Town. An aluminum caravan is also called a Tin Can in the USA and the largest club in that area are the Tin Can Tourists.
A Funtear Pod is extremely suitable for installing a separate toilet block. This is more than worth considering, especially in combination with the smaller units. A Funtear  Toilet Pod is made of laterally placed roof arches and composite aluminum.