Commercial Trailers & Foodtrucks

The art of being successful with your promotional trailer or food truck has a lot to do with the presentation. You can't get a better eye-catcher than a Funtear Retro. In our Funtear Retro trailers you will experience the American Way All The Way. A stylish retro style with a top appearance.
There are 2 different skin types: double-walled aluminum (Retro Alu) or single-walled fiberglass (Retro Fiber). In certain types we can use sturdy durable aluminium composite sheets.

Funtear Pods

The Funtear Pod is in fact an amalgamation of 2 arches and therefore has our typical Funtear design factor. The FunPod can be used for various applications. Available with or without wheels and therefore suitable for both static and mobile placements. Ideal as a kiosk, food truck or, for example, as a Toilet Pod at an Airstream Campsite. The shell is made of composite aluminum and is very sturdy. The side walls can be made of various materials. We currently opt for black wooden pot lid planks. You can also choose the interior finish yourself, depending on your use. Of course, a sales hatch can be placed in the kiosk.

Prices ex works from € 18,500 ex VAT - click here