Funtear Fiber | Promotion - Foodtrucks - Mobile Showroom

The art of being successful with your promotional trailer or food truck has a lot to do with the presentation. You can't get a better eye-catcher than a Funtear Retro. In our Funtear Retro trailers you will experience the American Way All The Way. A stylish retro style with a top appearance.

Funtear Fiber is a single-walled replica of our Retro models. Complete with segments, seams and even rivets if you like! This gives the Funtear Fiber just such a unique appearance and you can then spray or wrap it in any colour. Even chrome wraps are possible so that it looks super shiny. Funtear Fiber is standard equipped with a hatch and has a single-walled construction. Ideal as a food truck or promotional vehicle.

We have indicative price lists available in which the most common business attributes such as sales valves are already included in the price. Prices for Funtear Retro Fiber airframe start ex works at € 19,950 ex VAT for the smallest 2.95 m model. Please state in your application what is important to you!