Funtear SnailR! - The Ultimate Electrified Campervan (original engine possible)

SnailR! is our latest project we are currently in the developing. This product has a strong nostalgic value because the Funtear founder pretty much grew up in such a similar (1959) model.
The SnailR is a Funtear shell of 4.20 meters placed on a revised Volkswagen T1, T2 or T3 cab chassis. In our plan it will then be converted into an electrically powered car with a 66 kW battery pack with fast charging facility for a 300 km range.
Really built for the future where fun comes first! A very good object to rent out for the time that you do not use it yourself. Inquire about the possibilities to participate in the Electrified Travel Tours platform!

SnailR! base models

Standaard breedte van een Funtear SnailR is 2.20 meter. Prijzen zijn casco en bevatten basis inrichting.

Model Lengte Gewicht Max. Gewicht Chassis Vanaf Prijs Incl VAT
Funtear SnailR - 66 KwH battery 4.20 m 1950 kg 2200 kg VW T1 € 175.000
Funtear SnailR - revisie motor 4.20 m 1950 kg 2200 KG VW T1 € 125.000
Funtear SnailR T2 - BEV VW T2 € 110.000
Funtear SnailR T2 - revisie motor VW T2 € 90.000
Funtear SnailR T3 -BEV VW T3 `€ 99.000
Funtear SnailR T3 - revisie motor VW T3 € 80.000

Nostalgia | Luckily we still have the photo's

Photo's from the family archive.... 1971